May 02, 2007

BAAL: futuro hermano de Kali (Invitado Especial)


Se inicia la cuenta regresiva para que Kali conozca a sus futuros hermanitos Baal y Moloch. Agradecemos a Isabel de Amon Ra Cattery por las fotos.
Whilst his mother's womb contained the growing Baal
Even then the sky was waiting quiet and pale
Naked, young, immensely marvellous
Like Baal loved it, when he came to us
That same sky remained with him in joy and care
Even when Baal slept peaceful and unaware
At night a lilac sky, a drunken Baal
Turning pious as the sky grows pale
So through hospital, cathedral, whiskey bar
Baal kept moving onwards and just let things go
When Baal's tired, boys, Baal cannot fall far
He will have his sky down there below
("Hymn to Baal" -David Bowie)



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