June 24, 2007

Zos & su estufa

Tras el solsticio invernal...

La gramática del bostezo.

Bostezos de Kia...

El deseo deseado.

¿Qué es el Situacionismo? Un lector

KIA te dice: ¿Qué necesita tu vida?

KIA te responde: necesitas a Stewart Home

Visitalo aquí: http://www.stewarthomesociety.org/

Well, I think that literature as far as what the establishment promotes is just so narrow. They can’t even recognise what I’m doing, because they don’t know the references, it’s too difficult for them... I use a lot of Continental referances, which don’t get recognised even tho’ I wouldn’t have thought there was anything particularly obscure about Dada, Futurism or Surrealism, I would have thought people would know about this stuff, but it seems the literary establishment haven’t read them. They just draw on such a narrow band of experience, and create such a narrow range of literary expression... I mean, who really wants to read about dinner parties in Islington? Nothing happens in those books, they’re badly written. The people who hold up that stuff are either ignorant or complete liars... it’s like, at the moment, you’ve got Will Self getting all the hype. Now, I haven’t even been able to read a whole book by him because they’re so tedious, and because his prose has no sense of rhythm... I mean, it might be grammatically correct, but it isn’t good writing because it doesn’t flow well... You can even see it in the titles - The Quantity Theory Of Insanity - I mean, where the fuck is the rhythm in that? And then he comes out with all this crap that 20 years ago, he’d have been part of the underground, but the mainstream press will publish anything now, so there can’t be an underground anymore... what a load of shit!


Moloch como invitado de hoy


Aguas del Styx & Psycho-pompones
No olvidarás a Moloch y su ofrenda

June 09, 2007

Invitados: Chicho & Morrison


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Invitados: Pinky & Floyd


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Pinky + Floyd
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